How to prepare for contests

I want to participate in a online contest soon that’s why I need some help. when Is the next online Contest and how do I Build a prelim?

In what online contest do you want to compete in?

I don’t know

Oh okay🤣

If you want to compete you need to read the rules of the contest first and understand how the judging system works. That’s why I asked in what contest you want to compete in so that I can see their rules.
Once you understand the rules and judging system you will know how to build a routine.


I’d recommend checking out the videos in this series:

Best of luck my friend! You got this!


This is really interesting. I don’t plan on competing, so I didn’t know how the scoring was done. I can see why they do it this way, but I think it would be cool to have separate contests that focused on artistic expression and originality and it didn’t matter if the string and yoyo aren’t interacting, if there are repeated elements, etc. it’d be more of a showcase rather than an all out competition. I think this would bring out a wider variety of performers as well as more fun and interesting freestyles. Actually, if I’m not mistaken, didn’t Charles Haycock run something like this at one point?


A & P. Art and performance. Go check out Shu Takada absolutely slay that category.


If I do a trick and then I’d do the same elements but horizontally or behind the back would this then count as a repeated element as well?

bro wuttttt ty for the share


In german competition horizontal elements are judged as their own tricks. But every place can decide to judge tricks differently, it might be different in other places.

Scales Collective usually does an online contest late spring. I would suggest preparing for one of their competitions. They have an amateur division where you submit a 1 minute video. The rules change slightly from contest to contest, but are mainly the same and can be found on their website.

I would suggest watching the amateur division live streams on youtube. After each routine the judges give suggestions on how to improve. You can also see how the judges click tricks as it shows their clicker counter under the routine on the video.

If you listen to what they say and create a yoyo routine around their suggestions, you will improve.

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Wooow thanks that was helpful :blush::blush: