How to make rim-weights?


Is it possible for me to make my own rim-weights for my YYF Whip? It’s too light for a beginner like me :confused:


Sure, you COULD. I mean, you can make fire come out it if you wanted to.

The more important question is “SHOULD you?”


Get a Protostar or a Northstar. They are both the same price… You’re welcome.

The Whip is like 56.2 Grams, the Protostar is 67 grams and the Northstar is 69.5 grams

If you absolutely love the shape, you could go with a Dienasty at 68.6 grams and costs less than a protostar at $23.99
Or, if you want to tweak with hubstacks, the PGM comes in at 64 grams at $29.99

My recommendation? Protostar or Northstar.
Note: I’m only recommending based on stuff I personally have.


You can use plumbing solder or wire of a thick enough gauge. Both are available at any decent hardware store.


Don’t forget the counter attack. It gets looked over by people but I love it.


Maybe if you can find a washer big enough you could glue it inside the edges like the legacy or counter attack


Hmm, rubber o-rings that cost less then 3 bucks and are avalable at any hardware store or a new yoyo?