i was wounding if there was any way to add weight to a YYF Whip. do you know of any?


Maybe some small rubber o rings on the nut/bolt hub? That’d give it a bit more weight but it’d be centre weight.


What’s this now, you were wounded in some way adding weight to your YYF Whip? Are you okay? I was just wondering.

(I thought you were probably tough enough to take a little ribbing.)

i own a mac- didn’t turn off the stupid auto spell-check.

I have never tried this or seen it done on a whip, but I have seen some set there yoyo on a comPletely level surface and Put flowable silicone in the cup of the yoyo to add weight.

Flowable silicone isn’t of viscosity that it levels itself out like you seem to think it does.

A precise enough application to make it not wobble would probably be near impossible too.

Buy a stackless grind machine. They are essentially the same shape. Seems easier, quicker and more cost effective.

The thing I dislike about the ONE and WHIP are how light they are. Still, bunches of fun, just a bit too light for my preferences.

Yeah but those Ann Connolly whips are awesome looking.

how funny, i just bought that same whip. kind of the reason for this thread/post or whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

he’s not wrong I have one and it is really nice for a starter non responsive Yoyo because of the price but one down side is it’s loud sleeping but otherwise it’s really nice Yoyo plus it’s kind of heavy but I like my light yo-yos so I don’t know what exactly is a heavy Yoyo is but it’s all around a good Yoyo and if I were you just get it

i already own a grind machine, but thank you anyway

The problem w/this is that you will concentrate the weight at the center. Popular wisdom says to weight the rims if you are going to add weight. I would try to get rings that fit inside the outer edge and tack them in w/super glue.

I believe anything you try will make it very unstable. My whip already has enough vibe as it is. Only good for about one trick. I can’t get enough spin time for combos. I just need more practice…

i just received my WHiP today, and i don’t think it needs anymore weight on it. it actually feels a lot heavier than i expected it to be.

thank you for your help, anyway.

That’s what I like about the ONE and WHIP. They are so light they force you to improve the strength of your throw to get more spin time, and to play cleaner to keep that spin going. Good trainers, good pocket throws, good for noobs, good for knocking about.

I actually truly enjoyed the whip as soon as I learned how to bind. But I didn’t learn the bind from a whip it was actually a freehand modified for unresponsive play. If only the weight of the whip mirros the freehand somehow it. would probably be a great go to throw.

I know the OP is satisfied already, but I once added washers into the hub area of a Whip and they worked just fine. But heavy. Like H5 heavy.