How to make nylon string?

Hey everyone,
I was just wandering, first, does nylon string melt on wooden yo-yos like 100% polyester string (I have read the polyester melts on wooden axles.), and second, do I just use nylon thread and make it as I would make polyester yo-yo string?

Not sure about the first part, but for making them you do the same as any other thread.

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I don’t think it will melt.

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OK, thank you, you two I was just wanting to know, because I have a Duncan Proyo and it has a wooden axle, and it is my best looper and I need to practice on my looping. (I am on intermediate tricks, but I am not good at looping.)

Could someone please help me. I have tried to make nylon string maybe three or four times. When I make it as if I would make polyester and first it is to thick(I make maybe 12 or 14 strands.), then I tried 8 strands and it is still a little to thin, then I tried 4 strands and twisting it until it shortens 15 inches and it fits but now and then my Duncan Proyo does not come back up. (All of the strings did not really have a tight twist, except the 4 strand yo-yo string.)

Umm if 8 was too thin then go with 9 or 10. If 8 was too thick, go with 5 or 6 or 7.

I actually use a very small number of strands for my strings (Strizangz) and it works well. They aren’t nylon, but it’s still the same idea.

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Sorry, I typed it wrong the 8 strand was to thick.

Ok then try 6 maybe. THen if that doesn’t work, do 5 or 7, depending on whether it’s too thick or too thin.