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I’m asking not telling.


You said that you’re not a teenager yet, right? I’ll try and keep it relatively simplistic.

I guess the first step of making friends is simply being friendly. Don’t wait for people to come to you, go and introduce yourself to them instead. This will be hard if you’re shy, but you’ve got to try and put yourself out there.

Be kind and nice to people, and just try and keep a general happy positive attitude. People like being around people that make them feel good, so by being a genuine friendly person you should rack up a few buddies. :slight_smile:


Yep. It’s amazing how other people are extremely open, and friendly, when they see that you are friendly. If you are a shy, standoffish, person, they tend to think you are unapproachable. Even stuck-up.

Just talk to people and and cut-up. See how fast you make friends.


Don’t make so many threads.


Play sports be chill,funny.


Should probably use a question mark then in the topic, or at least word it to sound like a question 8)

Find people who share similar interests with you, start up a conversation, and see where it goes.


Can’t we be your friends?

Find people who share similar interests with you.

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What part of “No” don’t you understand?


Just be friendly! Talk to people, pay them compliments, take an interest in what other people are doing, smile, and just try to put yourself out there. If you’re a little shy around groups, try talking to that other shy person.


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  1. Don’t ask on a yoyo board…


Just trying to be nice and “No.” just saying…


He doesn’t like you, just let it go. Also he may have been joking


Don’t be like me! <is this good advice? if you ask yourself this question all I have to say is. “Don’t be like me!” hope this helped. ;D


Chirp yeta

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Read this:(or don’t) :stuck_out_tongue: