How to make dice stacks

ok at shop class someone stole my co2 car and couldnt make a new one in time so i though i would make some hubs for my pgm and i have to say they turned out well except for not being centred cause my friend bumbed me when i was doing it. so this is how it did it.
dont try this if you never used power tools/machines or if younger ask an adult to assist you
2 dice that are the same size
safety glasses
sand paper/dremel
drill press/lathe
c clamp (not really needed it just makes everything stay still when drilling)
portable vice(you wont need this if you use a lathe)

1.first i got one of the hubs and started seeing wich one fit the best for the smaller hole on the top and i found a 7.5 bit that works well
2.then i put the dice in a vice with the five faceing up and allign the drill bit and put the depth stop so it wont hit the vice(for better results put the drill bit in the drill a bit deeper so it wont wobble as much and when drilling down and going through the dice turn off the drill then pull up it will look alot cleaner)
3.this was the hard part find one that will work well to hold the bearing but you might wanna experiment with this, but i used a 9 bit and it fits well but you will need to sand a bit
4.ok now you need to put the hub in the vice so its completely flush with the vise this is important
5.then allign it again and put the drill bit in the hub and set your depth stop(this is important cause if you go to far it will rub on the base of you yoyo when grabing it and if its to shallow it will fall of easier)
6.then replace hub with the dice and reallign the drill but make sure you dont change the height at all cause then you will be off
7.then do the same thing drill down untill you hit the depth stop and then turn off the machine and pull up
8.ok take a bearing and see if it fits well if it does then your done but if not your going to need to sand it a bit or use a dremel like i did cause i get impatient, and make sure that the bearing is flush with dice if its inside and not flush just use a power sander or sand it and make it flush.

ok your done all you need to do is put it on a axel and try it out. But on a side note i found that they stick out alot more than normal stacks so you might want to cut them down a bit if you dont like that. And for dice i just used cheap 24 for a $1 ones you can find at dollar stores nothing fancy.

Tell me what you you think and if you have any advice on how to do it better if you know how.

to do it properly you need a 4 jaw chuck on a lathe.

yeah but its alot easier with a drill though

Easier as in the tools are more accessible to the average Joe maybe, but it’s always “easier” to make stuff precise on a lathe.

As far as the guide goes, it would be nice to see some formatting and pictures instead of a glob of text. Also, it’s been discussed to death already, but proper grammar when writing a guide is absolutely essential.

Sorry I was typeing this on my iPod cause I was wait at a clinic for around a few hours and I know I have bad grammer that’s why I am barely passing la. Sorry for no pics though next time I have time at school I will try to take some but they won’t be to great cause I will be useing my cell.