Making a dice counterweight!! Please help!!

Hey, Jordan here! I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what the best way to drill a hole through a die (dice) is!! It would help a whole bunch!! I just need to know what to use and how to drill a hole through it the right way!! Thanks to anyone that can help!!
Jordan, out!!

Use the one three or five and use the center one to drill a hole.

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Yeah but I need to know what exactly I need to use!! I know I have to drill a whole through it but with what kind of drill bit?

  1. Grip the die with a pair of pliers or vice grips, with a cloth in between ( rag, old t-shirt)

B. Put the die/vice-grips/pliers on a scrap piece of wood so if you drill through you won’t put holes in your moms nice coffee table.

  • If you are using a standard die, I put the drill bit in the side of the dice that has the one hole in it, so it makes it easier to get started.
  1. Drill away! Try and get the drill centered.

This process should take about 3 minutes and is very simple so I can answer other questions as well.

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Thanks! That helped a lot! I still could use some other strategies!! Thanks!

what HippoS said was the best strategy

Any drill bit would work, just make sure you can fit a string through it.

Oh, I always wondered how to do that too.

I think I’ll go do that with this pair of “lucky dice” that I have. They only land on 7 or 11.

Don’t waste rigged dice. Those are expensive. Just use some 19mm dice and you’ll be good. ROunded edges! Casino “razor” dice can hurt!

They’re not like top grade or anything. I got them last year for about $3 at some beach shop. And the edges are rounded.

You will probabably hit something solid in the middle driling trick dice. I think those have a ball bearing or something in them to make them always land on a certain number. 22mm dice are the size you need. These are the same specs as duncan’s. I like to be creative with counterweights though. They don’t have to be dice. Dominos are also great; magic 8 ball keychains; chess pawns…copralite ;D

Like I said, mine are pretty cheap. It just has all 5’s on one and then 3 6’s and 3 2’s on the other. And there is nothing in the center.