How to make a Yo-Yo video better.

If you want to have a better yoyo video, here’s a video on how to do it!

AWESOME find! I will use this for my YYE vid

Lol, yeah, FNG is awesome. I saw this video a while back ;D Thats what I’ve been trying to do in my newer videos. Awesome!

I’m trying to do some of that in my next video, it’s gong to be hard tho. I think.

Glad you liked the video!

If you have any further specific questions that weren’t answered in the video, throw me a PM and I’ll do my best to help!

YOU LOOSERS HOW CAN ANY OF YOU USE WINDOWS!!! its the worse company in the world, hasent anyone ever heard of MAC? APPLE any of this ring a bell? and mabye one of the programs like iMovie or what I use final cut pro macs are soooo much better than windows you don’t have to cut ur music at the end of a vid with a mac it does it for you and you can record you’re own song on a mac and then play it back, even check out my website that site was made on a mac in under 15 min. macs are sssooo cool and thats final.

Yes, because we all automatically have Macs. We have $1000 to spend on a Mac, and thats the only thing we think about when it comes to money. You are soooo smart.

Good job. You get a cookie!

well, you shoud sell yr pc macs arnt that much get a mac mini and then you can make yourself a vertual cookie

Awww…I’m sooo happy for you Tiki. You can take your Mac and go elsewhere though. If you ever post something calling everyone losers again, then there gonna be problems. If you can’t post like an intelligent person, then DON’T POST AT ALL!

Really? Oh boy, I shouldn’t be here :wink:

um… just sayin’ next time you have $100 to spend you dont need to use it on a yoyo save up some more to about three-hndred and then sell ur little pc (if a pc is worth 200 bucks then u got a mac mini) and if you have a mac then you have much more time for anything. pc’s are hell after you use a mac

First off, this is completely off-topic. And just as all our yoyos, this is juts preference. And to point out, Windows is the most used program. And I have even more to point out. A mac-mini has the mac OS, but other computers at the same price have better specs. Then i mean bigger and stronger processors etc, more discspace etc.

And again, this is just preference. This is like me making a post saying that everyone here is a loser because they are not eating Super-Shok Flakx (mmm). Not only is this getting off topic, but this is also getting offending. I suggest taking a look at the forum rules.

It also says something about grammar and spelling. DrSqueakers, this is your own language, I felt like you should know that.

And finally, you can get a lot of editing programs for Windows, not just Movie Maker. And you can also play in your own music using music editing programs and so on. Please don’t hate Windows when you don’t know what you can do with it.

Dude everyone takes in to much of what they read about themselvs, im not saying that everyone with windows sucks or anything like that, im just saying that macs are better in a lot of peoples opinion, and i actually dont have a mac mini i have my dads old mac book pro, so i dont know to much about a mini, i didn’t want this long convrsaton on how mac is better that windows but it was ur choice. after you have a mac for a month you will see on how much of a relife. Windows makes no sense, if you want to do a software update, then you have to do all this stuff just to wait two howers for a little better software apple makes shoure that there is a minimal amount of softare updates and there is a maximum amount of change in it, and also have you seen the windows vista software?!?!?!? “you are opening a new page, allow or deny?” “you are closing the page that you opened allow or deny?” "you are recieving windows spam, alow or deny? i could go on forever.

Yes macs are better in a lot of peoples opinion. And I was not trying to make this conversation longer. In fact, if you actually read my post, I was trying to end it. And still, Windows is a lot more used than mac. And I agree that Vista is really bad. It is just a whole mess and it uses way too much of your RAM. Then again, we are all waiting for Windows 7.

One more thing. If you want this discussion to end, bringing up new arguments is not going to help you out. It will just keep the discussion going. I think we should just let this discussion end. And I also noticed that you have posted “Nubs use windows” post other places. Please don’t keep going if you want this to stop.

Hello evey body :stuck_out_tongue:
Now this is my video ten ten ten ;D ;D ;D

Huynh123, that is an awesome vid! However, if you wanna post your video, make your own post ;D! Don’t post on other people’s posts when the vid is not relavant to it. Welcome to YYE Btw!

u guys are prity coo, i liked the ofstring whip tricks, the 1a in the begening and that guys mario t-shirt