How to make a Splash Pattern

I tried to splash on my speeder with glue for the dying, but it’s not working. :-\ It ends up looking weird. Is there a pattern to splash in or something?

Pics? i am very curious to how it turned out, Chips were made by accident too

I can’t make the pattern. It just keeps on looking weird. So I didn’t dye yet. Sniffs

What kind of glue are you using? I like hot glue. It works the best. Don’t worry about the pattern. It may not look right but it could be awesome when its done.

I only have elmer’s glue :-\ It’s hard to get a line with it. It’s the one with an opening like this: [======]. I can’t get any patterns with it, so I put it in a ziploc bag with a corner cut. What should I do for the outside though? I can’t splash because the glue just goes down the slope.

I need a pattern for the outside of my speeder. It’s too inclined to make a splash. :’(

You really need a hot glue gun, it’ll make your life a lot easier.

And don’t double post, edit your last one.

And while I’m in this thread, if my DIE NASTY caps are blanked out, can I dye them along with the whole yo-yo and only they’ll get die on them?

no everything will be dyed and use hot glue i just tried useing elmer and i got meesed up in the acetone.  And yes black does change black but only on smooth surfaces like satin parts will be bllackish but not pure black. pics are here its the pgm.  Not bad for my first dye job i think.

So elmer’s glue failed?

i dont think so. you would wanna ask Clifford_Ball on yyn, he is amazing with dyeing stuff

I use elmer’s glue for my masks. Just put some on a plastic spoon, set out a few sheets of newspaper, and flick it at the yoyo. Let it dry, dye it, and it looks sick.

Pictures? I need a suggestion for the outside of the yoyo.

No pattern. Its random.

I know, but I can’t make a splash, because the splash just goes to the middle of the Speeder, like it all flows towards the middle, making a mess. I need some kind of design, not splatter though. Would it look good if I just made a circle around the outside and let it drip?

did you try useing liquid mask

I think liquid mask would be the way to go. I plan on using that and the krylon fusion spray paint that bonds with plastic to paint my PGM when it arrives

dont use krylon it feels like a lawn chair use rit. I just finished mine and it turned out awesome i made a chocolate swirl pgm.
Kinda sad i am tradeing it though.

what’s rit?

its the kind of dye everyone uses you can find it at craft stores

I use elmers glue (well some other brand but the same stuff.)

I did this using multiple layers and dye, my best dye ever. Originally yellow.