Dying/masking question...

I want to dye a pattern into a white yoyo (ie I want the majority of the yoyo to stay white and have only the pattern area be dyed). What is the best option to mask the majority of the yoyo? A yoyo covered almost completely in glue doesn’t seem very practical (plus I would like the pattern to be as clean cut as possible), have people had success with masking tape/other kinds of tape as effective masks? This would make it very easy to just cover the yoyo and cut out the desired pattern but I have never seen the results of dying a yoyo while using any type of tape as a mask. The yoyos in question would just be FH2s/FHZs if it makes a difference.

Also, I currently only own RIT powdered dye. Have people had success with their liquid dye? There are more color options available in liquid form.

There is/was a video on YouTube with a guy who I think showed using glue to mask off an area before he put the polycarbonate yoyo into the dye solution. He was using RIT as well.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to find it right now. I can’t find the other videos either. I do think I may have saved the video somewhere.

Video Link:


I think he was asking of a more practical way of masking most of his yoyo other than using glue.

Tape might work, but it gives me the idea that the dye might soak through the tape and mess up the design. Tape might also peel because of it being in liquid. I think that you should use scotch tape like painters do. Tape the part of the yoyo to be colored, Put glue inside of the tape (so it will come off), and then peel the tape off. The only problem is that the tape might not come off.

You can use vinyl, but it’s kind of pointless due to the curvature of the yoyo’s.

Or you could get waterproof tape O_o

Vinyl will stretch a bit and can conform.

However, it’s still basically a tape. You’d want an outdoor/sign rated version, which does cost more, but not that much more.

While a good idea, it’s not really all that cost effective. You’re not looking for just something that will just stick, but will also prevent penetration. I find most adhesive tapes work good but they still soak up some water and don’t provide a true “seal”. So, if one is looking for sharp/crisp edges, it’s not the best option. It will work pretty good otherwise.

Just a head’s up, don’t use Rit dye.

They changed their formula and it’s no good anymore.

Use something called “iDye Poly”. It’s at Joann fabrics I believe.

Elmer’s glue should be a good mask.

I think the new formula will still work but it just will be harder to dye. If you can find some iDye Poly get that though it’s suppose to work a whole lite better.

No. The new formula will NOT work (I’ve tried). Just go with iDye Poly. Also, to find out more about the formula change, I recommend reading some Disc Golf forums, that community does a lot of dying.

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