How to find production date of Yomega YoYos?

Title says it all. I have been picking up older Fireballs and Raiders lately and wanted to know more about what years different graphics were sold. Thanks for your help!

You could try searching the Museum of Yo-Yo History for yomega or raiders.


There’s a guy on instagram who’s got the largest collection of yomega I’ve ever seen, I’ll get you his handle.

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Dang! I’d have to sign up for Instagram for that! Well worth it! ;D

The wiki has a database with some of the different graphics, some have dates some don’t, but maybe you’ll find one you didn’t know.

Another option you could look into is contacting Yomega directly if you can get a hold of them, I am sure they keep some record of the models and what year they produced them.

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I know this guy has a bunch, same one you’re thinking of?

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His handle is quite. Ordinary
And he’s got a club of some kind.
Good luck!

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I signed up on instagram just to follow that guy. There are a ton of yoyo guys on there!

AA International.