how to do sidewayse tricks

how do you do tricks while the yoyo is spinning sidewayse

Um, its like throwing some tricks while the yoyo is sideways instead of straight-up.

Happy Throwing! =]

Do you mean like when it’s at an angle, closer to being like if it were a UFO? You just do regular tricks, but you have to keep the yoyo moving at all times so you don’t kill the spin.

You just throw the yoyo at an angle, like a ufo. To start out, it is recommended to learn the letter A.

Also, skin the gerbils are easy for side ways.

Basically, then doing sideways tricks, you don’t want to stop the yoyo from moving while in mid air, or it will die and ufo.

A good trick that mickey does lying down, is eli hops.

Basically, what he does lying down is just eli hops, but with an added “matrix” roll. This makes it always in motion.

Just make up braintwister combos and stuff, make sure the yoyo moves quick, then do it sideways.

I was wondering if you are talking about tricks that require a breakaway throw to start off. That’s kinda what I thought “sideways” meant.
Or do you mean like having the yoyo spin horizontal? The “easiest” way I can think to get that achieved would be to start off learning gyroscopic flop.

It will be very beneficial to learn that.

Anymore information would be helpful, in helping you out on what style of trick you would like to do.