Does anyone know of any good websites/vids to get started on sidestyle?


Which sidestyle do you mean. Like, breakaway sidestyle, or throwing the yoyo sideways, sidestyle?


I ould assume like throwing the yoyo sideways

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Yeah, throwing the yoyo sideways. I’ve seen it in some competition videos and thought it looked pretty cool. Then I tried it, and I ended up doing UFO.

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Sidestyle is really hard, try starting with a very slight angle and gradually build up to a sharper one. Also, make sure to be fast, if you go fast the yoyo won’t “UFO” or tilt too much.


What do you mean by “go fast”?


exacute the trick fast

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I have heard that these ‘sidestyle’ tricks you are talking about would be called ‘Excaliburs’ (not sure about that one) or ‘vertical tricks’.

One of the easist things to get started is to learn to do Letter A, Which is this:

and then try to do it vertical. Hard to explain, but that’s how you can keep the yo-yo in a constant state of moving the easiest way.

It’s hard, but you can get it if you practice hard.

Go ahead!