Sideways yoyoing


How do you do it i want to learn tricks sideways


You just… Throw it sideways, and try to keep constant motion I guess.

I don’t know, I don’t really do sideways tricks that much. Maybe someone else can chime in?


What do you mean sideways? Like in the end part of this video?




Well iRon basically said it. Keep the yoyo moving so it doesn’t get slowed down or stopped. It looks like people do some quick pinwheels and just simple things like trapeze to reverse trapeze and back or like a sideways braintwister combo. Somewhat simple stuff (if it were a regular throw).


3D yoyoing. Its Extremely hard and it will take a lot of practise.


heres another great sideways video


Yeah. Another tip is to start out not very much angled.


I started it out angle about a 40degree
pretty hard
the most imporrtant two keys are to:
1.keep your finger pointing at the angle your yoyo start spining
2.keep the yoyo constantly moving
and it isn’t just ez trick that people do sideways


The best trick to start with is a bind sideways, then go to stuff like Skin The gerbil, one of the coolest tricks in sideways yoyoing in my opinion.