Any sideway combo tips?

I always wanted to try sideway yoyoing, I catch it on the string but then I don’t have any combos and it ends up stop spinning

We can’t really tell you step by step a combo. Try doing the trick normally, then try transposing it to sideways.

Check these. There’s a bunch of interesting stuff…

Right here at your favorite YoYo forum  :wink:

Ken’s world on a string (kwos)

Sector Y - string tricks (Archive) (Sector Y V2, newer stuff)

Strings Attached

Begin to spin

Henrys trick book PDF

Master Magic site: Step by step videos with text descriptions,

I do believe, sir, that he’s referring to horizontal play. If that’s the case, I’m learning it by going back and forth between Trapeze and Trapeze and Brother to get a feel for horizontal play, and maybe working on a simple trick. The key is to always keep the yoyo moving.

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Wait, I wanted to know some tricks or combos I could possible do actually on a sideways yoyo, off a ufo throw