How to deal with vibe?

Lol. Been there :unamused:

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Well not always depends on who designed the yo-yo. Some bearing seats are not as tight as others . In my case my bearing will snap in but it is not that tight you can pull it out with your fingers . The seat takes a size C but I can confirm I have tried several size c bearings and some do sit better in the seat than others

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Yep bearing falls out after unscrewing the yoyo. Its. C sized bearing but I suppose over the years the bearing post has become thinner due to wear? I dunno how.

Interesting. Never considered a ceramic bearing will look into it thanks!

Ive never had an issue with vibe with an SE onedrop but I did have a vibey firedevil.
I couldnt care less about vibe as long as it doesnt make the string vibrate a bunch and it starts to feel weird in your hands.


Ill try switching out the axle!! I didnt think that could be an issue hmm…