How to control 4A whips?

(Mitch) #1

When I whip the yoyo its inconsistant… Some times the string is like I want it but some times its twisted…

O= yoyo

Normal- l l
l l
l l
\ /

Twisted- l l
l l
l l

And help on how to make it constantly the normal one?


You have to control your string tension. And whip with your knuckles up(if you’re just doing a normal whip catch).


String tension indeed. Also, if you whip the strings a bit faster, they’ll open up easier. However, each time you throw, the string tension should be almost fixed so I’m not sure if it’s something you’re doing or not.


Actually, it has very little to do with string tension. If the string tension was really to tight, it’d be nearly imposiple to do a whip.

The problem is actually very simple.

If you hook the string loop around the half of the yoyo facing you, you’ll have a twist in your string.
If you hook the string loop around the half of the yoyo facing away from you, this won’t happen.


Oh. I read his “drawing” as he was missing them each time. Good catch. (For future reference, things like that don’t work well. Pictures and videos are great.)

(Mitch) #6

Sorry about that guys… Well… I lost my DM… And all my other yoyos are VERY unresponsive and binding makes me angry… So I’ll be able to try this once I get my offstring/pocketchange



You probably know this but if you make a fist and have the string coming from both sides it makes a big loop And aim your pointer finger knuckle towards the middle of the yo yo.


Do one of the swinging things to equal string tension. Pop it up, and then with only your throwhand, whip the string in a circle, and then regrab and land. It helps the tension.