How to clean a K size bearing?

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Soooo i can’t seem to fiqure out where the tiny peace of metal comes off were the bearing sheild is held on by. It it different with these types of yoyos? k size seems really really small.


What’s a “K size” bearing? What yoyo did it come out of?
Sometimes there is no “C” ring and you just have to pry the shield off.


K size is a half C. It should just be like a normal bearing.


I think he means the extra small bearing on YYF’s loop series and the Mighty flea, YYE refers to them as “K” on the store. I clean my mighty flea just no shields, and let it seep a bit longer to really clean it.


I’m pretty sure it says K-sized bearing on the Firestorm packaging.


Nope - it says “N Bearing”

The mighty flea bearing is referred to as a Spec XS on the store site, also used on the Loop 900/1080.


Oops, well sorry for the misinformation, but it should still have c-clips.


actually they do have C clips and sheilds you can take off to clean. I’ve done it.