how strong a sleeper (avg) do you need b4 moving into intermediate tricks?


I can do most beginner tricks and am now moving into intermediate tricks. I know the longer the sleeper, the easier it is to do string tricks. I do not want to move to intermediate tricks too soon until I get sleeper perfected. How will I know when that is?


A good sleeper is just a sleeper that is long enough to complete whatever trick you are doing. Having a 30 second sleeper is good enough to continue on. Or you can just try to learn more tricks, and learn to sleep while you’re learning the tricks.


a 30sec to 45sec sleeper is good for intermediate and some advance trick but
for other advance, expert, master, or long freestyle combos you need a 1min-1min 30sec or higher


If you can throw the yo-yo long enough to practice on a trick and learn it, than you are fine. But I honestly don’t think Anybody has perfected their throw, But just keep practicing on the tricks you want to learn and you will find that the more you practice , the stronger your throw will be.


Yeah, but by the time you are learning expert tricks, you would have been perfecting your sleeper by learning intermediate to advanced tricks.


Thx, your answares very helpful.


A good sleeper is a sleeper that will spin for longer than you need it to. Right now just try to get it down to where you can get a nice long sleeper that isn’t crooked or wobbly. Other than that I would say a good sleeper is something that gets the job done. For harder tricks you don’t necessarily need a throw that is a string splitting, fire starting, wind swirling throw, but you do need a good throw. Later.

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(Mark) #8

Well, you need a solid, consistent throw that is not crooked. I would say that it could last 15 seconds and you will still be able to do Intermediate Tricks. However, for Advanced, 45 seconds is recommended.

(Jesse) #9

What happened to me is that I thought that it was my Dark Magic because it wasn’t a crazy expensive yo-yo. As I kept learning more complicated tricks, I realized that my sleeper was slowly improving just by practicing. Now, I sometimes just do the same trick for an hour, and in the beginning, my sleeper will either not or barely get through the trick, and in the end I sometimes try to even do the trick twice on 1 sleeper! Basically, practice not sleepers, but tricks, over and over and over and over and over.