How quickly will a bearing wear out

Hey, just wondering-
How long should it take to wear a bearing out?
I’ve had my BOSS for about 6-9 months now and i use it quite frequently. A few weeks ago the bearing stopped spinning. (if i try to spin it with my finger it will stop almost immediately, its super responsive now- comes up without having to bind)
I tried lubing it and it didn’t help (by the way that was the first time i ever lubed it)
Is this normal? is it just time to replace the bearing?

Did the lube actually reach the ball bearings of the bearing? There are removable shields that keep dirt and grime from getting into the bearing. They also keep all the grime from escaping the bearing once it gets it.

Look around the outer diameter of the flat side of your bearing. Use a needle or a safety pin to pick at it until it pops off (try to keep track of it when it does pop off, too). This is the hardest part. Search on youtube for deshielding or cleaning bearings for help.

Inspect the balls inside the bearing: you shouldn’t see anything but stainless steel.

Apply lube to the balls while you have the shield(s) off. Then spin the bearing on a pen or chopstick. It should be smoother, quieter, but maybe a little slower. You can speed it up if you break it in.

EDIT: Have you tried giving the bearing a cleaning? I personally like compressed air, as it is more convenient than using a solvent. There may be a big chunk of something getting everything stuck.

Oh yeah, and what kind of lubrication are you using? If it is too viscous (thick), it will only slow down the bearing more.

Otherwise, large bearings last me years. I have not had one that locked up forever: only spun slower for a few months. I usually use small bearings, though.

the first time, i opened up the bearing and applied the lube directly onto the balls, then spun it on the bearing seat…
like i said it didn’t really help

well if you have never lubed it before, it could just be that it died. RIP

my 888x bearing actually died in 2 weeks and it sounds just like what happened to yours. mine was probably defective though. just get a new bearing. $5-$10 isn’t so bad. some might be better than the old bearing

I have bearings that I have used for 11+ years that still work perfectly fine… never have cleaned them… didn’t put a drop of lube in until a few years ago.

I don’t get why people are obsessed with cleaning/lubing bearings, they work just fine if you leave them alone and just use them. (yo-yos that sit in harsh climates for long periods of time without use will need some light oil now and then)


Yeah, i don’t know what happened…
oh well, ill probably just get a center track bearing for it…