How old are all you guys if you don’t mind me asking?


I’m 67 years ol.

I started messing with yoyos in 1998.

Yoyos are not toys. Yoyos are skill toys.

Anybody younger than I am is a moron because they haven’t lived long enough to even have an opinion.

And anybody a week older than me; is waaay too old to throw and should give up.

So… I guess I’ll be quitting next week😉

On a more serious note; Participating in anything yoyo related is a great way to open channels of communication. People that would probably never have met otherwise; are exposed to views, thoughts, ideas and other avenues; that can only give them a better grasp of a multitude of challenges.

Yoyoing at all levels creates bonds that can make us all better. Just by association; we become more understanding in regards to the learn by doing method. We realize that as much as we can be amazed by how naturally good some yoyo players seem to be; we also recognize that some share a similar battle to get better a trick at a time. And no matter how mature and successful we may be or how young and just making it in life so far; that no yoyo comes with the tricks included.

The arrogant know it alls gets bumped down when they find out they kinda suck. And the kids that are kinda shy and reserved; find more confidence by meeting the challenges of getting better. We are all parts of a big puzzle. All puzzle pieces are important. As some pieces fade for various reasons; other pieces fit into the vacant spaces. At one level or another; we find out that helping each other; gets us all further down the road.

Meeting any challenge is a learning experience. Some more than others perhaps. But every challenge gives a lesson learned.

When I started throwing 20 years ago… The first 5 minutes into it; I knew I would always mess with yoyos… I knew it. It wasn’t a guess. People that say, ‘I quit’ because I don’t have time? I don’t buy it. Even the busiest person; spends a few hours a day doing less than having fun. If a guy spends two hours a day texting; how could he not have the time to throw for 15 minutes? Quitting yoyos does not mean yoyos are not worth the effort. Those who quit just have their minds elsewhere. Absolutely understandable. Think of it this way. If you live to be 100 years old. And you do everything you can possibly fit into one century of living. When you die; there will still be more things you never did than the total of All the things you actually did.

The World is a place of endless possibilities. But for those that do roll the yoyos. That just throw at home or go to clubs, meets, contests, contribute on forums, help others or learn from others; whether they stick with yoyos at some level of participation or they simply move on…

I believe that time was well spent. And we are all better from the experience.

I don’t regret a single second I’ve spent messing with yoyos. I am friends with people all over the World. Some of them I have met. And some of them I will sadly never have a chance to meet. If I would have never put a string on my finger; I would certainly have a lot less friends.And would no doubt know much less than I know now.

Yoyos are toys?.. Yoyos are skill toys… And yoyos provide the portal of Communication that has expansive potential.



Your posts could fill a book, doc

(ChrisFrancz) #103

Seriously, I hope for your situation gets better or better yet, vanishes.

(ChrisFrancz) #105

I’d buy that book…



(Evan Landreneau) #107

I’m 12 but I will turn 13 in March

(Goodnight Garrett) #108

I’m one year old I can’t even talk


How old am I? Go outside…reach down and grab a handful of dirt…I’m older than that.!


I mentioned earlier that I am 62. Doing the yoyo and top since I was probably 7. I love how the sport has progressed. When I was a Duncan Yo Yo ‘Champion’ in 1971, the competition was based on 10 tricks out of the Duncan Yo Yo playbook. I was proficient enough back then to win. Today’s throwers are so awesome. Their skill level makes my ability, comparatively speaking, similar to a turtle playing golf… I have so much respect for those who are creating new ‘everything’ in the sport of Yo Yo… Thank you all…Now, Please Throw On!

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Wow, what a thread. I turn 19 next month!

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If you see my name you also get to know my DOB.


Ahhhh, that’s cool :slight_smile:


That is awesome for the identity theft I am planning! :male_detective:

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Ok am editing my name.


I’m a 58 year old retired educator.

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Throwing and learning new tricks is relaxing to me for some reason. I’m in engineering by day, and throwing kinda makes the numbers go away. :laughing::crazy_face::sleeping:


I own titanium and magnesium throws only for fire making. They belong to my survival kit. I mean i get to play with them but at the end of the day the exist to keep me alive.
At least that’s what i tell my wife.

(ChrisFrancz) #121

That was a survival item someone brought on an episode in season 3 of Naked and Afraid!


Why are they afraid, considering there’s a whole camera crew and other support staff all around them 24 hours a day in the “wilderness”?