How old are all you guys if you don’t mind me asking?


Wait LOL that’s real? I thought you were kidding


I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn if you’re interested. BTW, did we ever talk about the guys in WWE? :wink:


I’m mid 30’s and work in IT. I’ve always thought yoyos were fun but really got into it about 31. I will probably do this the rest of my life.


Once you start, you never stop


I totally agree.

(ChrisFrancz) #129

I hope. I seem to have enough momentum and with yoyos there is no ending. There is never an end to learning new things and keeping it fresh but I don’t do much artwork lately but I am trying to keep it all balanced and I am doing more throwing around people!


I am 41. Started throwing at 23 and stayed with it until I was about 33 years old. My nephew was born so I got very leery of yo-yoing around a small person but picked it back up when he was 5, about 3 years ago and with it till now. I think the craziest thing restarting was seeing how yoyofactory was so huge now and YoYoJam was dead. I mean when yoyoexpert started the go to throw was the Darkmagic and André was still a sponsored player. Had not even heard of Evan Nagao or Gentry Stein or Ann Connolly when I stopped. Besides André, Steve Brown and Johnny Delvalle were the names with their own signature throws.

(Priyanka) #131

I’m 15 :slightly_smiling_face:


Ayyyy someone my age

(Priyanka) #133

15 squaddddd


We need to make that a shirt. Oh I can make that a name of a colorway for my moose!

(Joseph) #135

That’s a brilliant idea! :man_student:


What color/colors should it be???

(Joseph) #137

I think it should be orange w/ silver and yellow splash.

(Priyanka) #138

Lol yes! “15 year old throwers” on a tee sounds great! Or a colorway sounds sick as well!

(Alexander) #139

I’m 17


But then the shirt becomes useless on your B’day. :wink:

(Nathan) #141

You should call the color way sweet sixteenth, so it’s relevant for probably a whole year (depending on when your b-day is), and since I’m sixteen, it’ll be relevant for me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Priyanka) #142

Well I’m a sentimental person so I’ll frame it :joy::joy:


I recently turned 36