How old are all you guys if you don’t mind me asking?

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Alot of time goes into designing Star Wars action figures too and some people treat them as collectibles and not toys.

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I’m not offended personally; it just seems that you are applying “just a toy” (which is short for “just a frivolous child’s plaything”, whether you realize/intend that or not) as a universal epithet, when in fact you are really only telling us that it is nothing but a frivolous child’s toy to you. And that’s fine. Just try not to convince everyone in the hobby that they should feel the same way.


I get what you’re trying to say but I really agree with @eternalmetal on this. I mean, that’s exactly why I like yo-yos- they are just a toy, a fun thing I enjoy doing. No pressure, no stress (ok sometimes I self impose some but that’s just my personality), nothing to worry about. No matter how long I’ve done it or how much I spend on it, I don’t see that changing for me.

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That’s fine. You are of course free to feel however you feel about it, and that’s perfectly valid for you. My problem comes with the insistence that everyone ought to feel the same way about it, that yoyos should be regarded as just frivolous child’s toys by everyone, period. I mean, what do you suppose Tony Hawk would say if you told him that he had devoted his life to something that is “just a toy”.


I think the point is that “it’s a toy” and “it’s just a toy” carry two different meanings. I agree with the former, not so much the latter.


Well, I think you’re overstating the sentiment. I have a strong suspicion that most people aren’t into yo-yos because yo-yos are so serious
Edit: if you want my true, honest opinion, no I don’t think Tony would care. Tony does Tony. As do most pro skaters or BMXers.

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I think we are all saying the same things in a slightly differently way. Everyone makes great points and feels the same about yoyos. It’s the linguistics we are debating. Mmmm, linguistics. Now I’m gettin’ hungry for some but I’m trying to stay away from carbs.

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Oh, I’m sure you’re right about that. But yoyos don’t have to be “so serious” to also be more than “just a toy”. There is a vast middle ground in there, and I suspect most of us reside in that middle ground. And for the more dedicated players, taking it seriously and having fun aren’t mutually exclusive (and I’d argue that anything you voluntarily spend hundreds or thousands of hours on mastering is something you are taking at least somewhat seriously).

I agree with @vegabomb that yoyos are toys but are, or can be, more than “just toys”, at least for some (or maybe many) players. I think calling them skill toys, without the dismissive “just”, is fair and accurate. And let’s not forget that they are also often exquisite works of craftsmanship; beautiful syntheses of art, design, and engineering.


PThe less seriousness in my life, the better. To plagiarize an quote- I’m here for a good time, not a long time. I can get better at yoyo tricks without caring what other people want to think about it

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Well, to be fair, nobody (not even me) is trying to tell you or anyone else that you have to take yoyos seriously. I’m only saying that we should all generously acknowledge that others might take yoyos (at least somewhat) seriously, that for them yoyos are more than “just (frivolous child’s) toys”, and that their perspective is also valid.


This topic sure slipped off the rails… :upside_down_face:


Lately I have started to feel the word “just” should generally be removed from most writing in the name of being clearer and simpler… and as you pointed out, less preachy!


Honestly, I feel like half my threads just become debates :joy:


I’m 19 and I just want to throw this out there: I would put YoYos in the same category as anything people use to play sports (basketball baseball Xbox ect.) And I also wouldn’t worry too much what other people think. Most people I know think it’s pretty cool when I show them what it’s all about and if they don’t I don’t bother with them because I doesn’t matter :slight_smile:


I’m 16 and I have the knees of a 93 year old. All creaky and snappy. It’s not good, man.

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Hang in there. Modern medicine has come a long way.


I’m just hoping the progression of medical science is going to be faster than my impending arthritis…


I’m 62.

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You can get whole knee replacements now days; so by the time you need new ones I’m sure they’ll have enhanced models for you to choose from.

Get them done at the same time, back walking in like a week.

You got this!!


Well… As much trouble as bad joints are, I’ve kind of grown to like the knees that I have… I can’t imagine letting them go… Maybe I could get like pants that can walk for me so I wouldn’t need to put pressure on my sad little knees. Now that’s the future, right there. Walking pants. They’re like regular pants but faster and less like regular pants.