How often should I lube my Replay Pro?


I just got my replay pro and I lubed it yesterday with “long spin” oil. The sound has changed after I have been using it today. Does it need to be lubed again? ???



If the bearing is making a “grinding” sound then live the bearing otherwise just play with it. The bearing should not be silent that means you flooded the bearing with to much luve


How often should I lube my Replay Pro?

Thanks ???


It is best to avoid lube if possible. Imho. But if it’s really loud and gritty sounding. Then you can lube it again but lube will make it not spin as long and it can make it responsive if you use to much. I barely ever use lube and my bearings play great and I’ve never had one wear out on me. Lube is just a marketing thing for the most part. although it can help if used very, very liberally it generally makes things worse. Especially when applied wrong. If you lubed it yesterday then it should be good for a long time. Don’t use it unless you have to again. Over lubing will be much worse than under lubing. Have fun. :wink:


Lube it very lightly when it makes scratchy noises or feels rough, otherwise leave it be, unless you want to play responsive, in which case lube it when it doesn’t play responsive any more, maybe every couple of weeks…