How often do you lube your bearings?

I’ve looked at other threads and I didn’t find this topic in any of them. So I wanna know how often you lube your bearings. Just out of curiosity and the fact that I have no idea when’s the time I need to relube my bearings. :frowning:

The only time I ever lube my bearings is after I clean them.

But won’t the lube dry up eventually, and you’ll have to lube them again?

Yes. After a few days, you will hear your bearing get louder, and I believe that means that the lube is all out. (But don’t quote me on that) I like the play better that way, and it still lasts a VERY long time. And, really, if it did eventually die, then it’s only like $8 for a new bearing. (Depending on what kind)

There are so many misconceptions on bearing maintenance. There is no right way or time period.

My personal preference is to take a stock bearing and play it till you can hear it easily. Then add a small drop of thin lube. This lube will last for weeks. Problem is we don’t know what bearing you have. Some come cleaned and dry. I would say if you have a clean and dry bearing that is deshielded, add some lube in it at least once a month. If you think you are having problems with it then clean it and then add the smallest drop of thin lube and play. ANYTIME you clean a bearing you MUST lube it.
Some people will say that they hardly ever lube their bearings and some will say that they lube them all the time. You need to figure out your schedual. Trial and error is the best way.

I never Lube mine.
Dry ftw.

1 drop once a week

After I clean, and whenever I feel the bearing is getting unsmooth and loud.

This may be a little strange but I never do. I also leave them dry. A bearing in a yo-yo will last a long time even if it is dry because there is not much weight or stress on the bearing.

Granted, if dirt gets in, I stop playing and use compressed air or, if that is not enough, I clean it. They can be damaged easily if not watched. But, I have not have any problems with my bearings when I started doing this!

I love 100% dry bearings, there is no chance for the bearing to suddenly grab the string and snap back.

That’s what I do! ;D

Same here.

Lube is made to help protect the entire bearing from anything that could get in it. Even just from the heat of spinning that fast. If you run it dry, your bearing will be dead much faster than if you do lube it. (Possible experiment here for any science man - in a test sample, which one lasts longer? Dry or lubed? How much longer?)

I rarely lube my bearings; I’ve only done it twice or three times in the past 4-5 months. But, I’ve noticed something really odd. When the bearings were dry and I played with them, its color changed from chrome/silver to a somewhat darker shade of gray.

I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this before, but my dad said that it’s a sign that the bearings are experiencing a lot of heat, and the little balls will grind each other down soon.

I guess I’ll just have to learn when to lube them by trial and error.

For me, whenever the bearing gets loud.

I’ve done it. I cleaned two stock YYJ bearings. I lubed one of them and not the other.
I played the dry one first. It lasted about 3 months and then my yo started to vibrate. Turns out that the bearing worn out. The one I lubed is still going strong. Its been in three or four different yoyo’s and still has about a 5 or more minute spintime depending on the yoyo I put it in.

This test was done about 2 years ago. So to set it straight. The dry bearing lasted 3 or 4 months.
The lubed one has lasted over 2 years and its still awesome!

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