How often do you need to lube your bearing?

If you lube your bearing, how do you know when it’s time to lube it again? or do you just clean it to get all the last lube out and then lube it?

You lube when you think it is getting noisier than you would like it. After a while, you would have enough experience to tell when it is louder than it should be, so you can gauge approximately when to lube it. For me, I usually lube it once every 2-3 weeks.

it depends on how long you play per day.

i just lube when the kids at school scream its too loud :stuck_out_tongue:

Normally, with normal play (1-2 hours a day), it should last around 2-3 weeks.

I lube it when it seems to play dry. It gets loud and seems more rough.


shameless self promotion FTW!!!

I do it too :slight_smile:

Yeaaa…couldn’t help it

I was going to say once every 5,000 miles