How often do you lube your bearing and change your pads?

How often do you lube your bearing and change your pads?

I lube my bearings whenever they get really loud, so about once every two months or so. As for pads, I wait until my are near “un-usable” before changing them. I try to make them last as long as possible.

It’s a silly question, but what does “unusable” mean?
Will it not bind at that point?

I have o-rings right now so I don’t have any experience with pads.

i havent lubed a bearing in two years… so you dont have to lube them often.

as for pads i play with them till they fall off… ive only replaced three yoyos pads since i started six years ago.

its all in the players preference.

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I hardly ever replace pads. I’m just as likely to replace a brand-new pad, though, for the same reason I would replace an old one: bind is too slippy.

If I have a “standard-ish” string in the yoyo (sOMEThING type-2 for example) and a Guy Wright bind isn’t easy and natural (ie. it keeps slipping), then it’s too slippy for me. You can almost always still bind those yoyos in other ways (bare minimum, a standard bind almost always works) but it’s not playing the way I want to if I can’t Guy Wright bind it. :wink:

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By “un-usable” I mean that the yoyo barely binds and there is next to nothing left of the current pads.

Every time they need it.
Bearing acts up lube it,
binds slip, or low rpms off your throw change the pads.

lube - never

pads - when binds are very slippy or old response rips out

I think I’m jinxed or something.
I just got a Too HOT and it’s a great throw, but I had to clean and lube the bearing after just three days because it became responsive.

Maybe it will last longer this time, I hope.