How much would a mint Catalyst be worth?


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So I have a completely mint Victor Gravitsky EYYC 2012 YoyoFactory Catalyst along with the box and original bearing. If I were to put this for sale on BST, how much would it be worth? I’m hoping to get $70 for this yoyo but I need your guy’s opinion. Should I wait to sell it? YYE is selling the last run of Catalysts so I’m not sure. I really want to buy a CLYW Summit but I don’t have lots of money right now. Haha sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m new here.


70 dollars is alright if it is mint. I wold wait, but do what you want.


I’d say 70 is a good price.


That’s a fair price. You’re definitely in the ballpark. I listed the Harold Owens edition, mint with factory ano flaws, for $80 shipped. So, sounds good to me.


You could list it at $130 and decrease the price $2 every day. First offer gets it. Or, you could list it at $60 and have the highest offer get it.


I don’t think anybody will pay 70.00 for it. Here is the problem… The last run just released for 79.99 so for 10 dollars more you can buy a new one. The other thing is that recently YoyoExpert along with YoyoFactory released Pro Packs where yoyos were sold at an extreme discount. One of them had a Genesis and Catalyst for 100.00. I bought this one and threw the Catalyst for about an hour or two and I didn’t like it. I tried selling it on the BST for $55.00 and got no offers, so I put it up on ebay at a 45.00 starting bid and a 60.00 buy it now. It sold for 45.00 with only 1 bid. This was about 2 or 3 months ago. Now if you were talking about trade value then I believe 70.00-80.00 wouldn’t be hard to get, but unless you keep your Catalyst mint for a few more years when there aren’t hardly any mint Catalysts left I don’t think you will get what your looking for. Definitely give it a try though. Your Catalyst is definitely worth 70.00, but it may be hard to find somebody looking for a mint but used Catalyst when they can add 10.00 and get one brand new.