FS : Mint YoyoFactory Catch 22 & Vs Newton Battosai


Hey guys,

It’s been almost decade in the making, but I’m finally ready to sell my closet kept YYF Catch 22. Like the title reads, the yo-yo is mint. It comes with all the goodies as well. (See photo for details.) The only original piece of the entire kit missing is the original gray string! Looking to get $750.

Selling this Battosai with 2 minor scratches for $80. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!



Ill play


I’ll give ya $10,000 for it.

If you can wait till I get more ink for the press; I’ll give you $20,000 for it.


I will offer one hundred trillion dollars


(Ray Ye) #30

If it is unsold, I would like to purchase it.


Catch 22 SOLD to Ray! :+1: