Cheap Yoyofactory mystery bag yoyos and a yoyojam


I stopped yoyoing a while ago, and I’m selling my stuff, particularly some of my nicer yoyos. The four that I want to sell are the YoyoFactory Avant Garde (Retails $130, blue), a yoyofactory catalyst (retails $85, purple), a yoyofactory g-funk (retails $53, gold and green), and a yoyojam dark magic II (retails $43, black and silver). The catalyst and G-Funk are both in almost perfect condition. The avante garde spins best, but it has some minor chips in the paint, nothing that affects the performance. The Dark magic is missing the plastic coverings with the graphic on the side, and it spins kinda loud. I’m not sure what to sell these for, hit me up with offers for them though and I’ll be willing to negotiate. I can also give you more pics or whatever info you need if you want it. Also this is a new account because I couldn’t get into a one from a while ago. That means I can only post one picture The name of the old one was yoyowinston. (I can give you a good deal I just want to get rid of them and pick up a few bucks)
The catalyst, avante garde, and maybe the g-funk (don’t remember) came from a yoyofactory mystery bag, if that excites you at all



(Samuel) #3

How much for the g funk


I’ll do it for 30 bucks


Also for those wondering I’ll put prices on them for sale:
G-funk: $30
Avant Garde: $70
Dark Magic: $10
Catalyst: $50


Changing the prices
G-Funk: $25
Avante Garde: $60
Catalyst: $40


Lowering the avante garde to 50 and the catalyst to 35