How much of your life is yoyoing?

So I don’t know if there’s already a thread about this, but it just came to me. So give something like this: Yoyoing is 90% of my life. How about you?

I take my Yoyo to work, to family gatherings and I took it camping this weekend.
Being that I have a family, a fulltime job and other obligations.
It’s a part of my life in between those moments, and sometimes it is integrated into those events. :wink:
So I would say Throwing is about 65% of my life.

I’m asking for a scale of 1 to 4. So 1 would be a little, 2 a little more, 3 a fair amount, but have other things to do, and 4/4 means that you yoyo everywhere you go and always look at the forums, and know all the latest stuff about yoyoing. But thanks for being the first to respond to my thread. :wink:

I like listing a percentage better…

about 30%

yes a percent seems to be more accurate or a fraction out of a hundred (aka a percent)

mine would be 51%

At the moment 35% or 1/3 ish

Uh, < 10%. As much as I enjoy it, I’ve got other stuff to do.

According to this, I would say a 2-3, or 2.5

I have a LOT of hobbies and things so I yoyo a fair amount, but not too much.

if it includes yoyo related then abort 90% to 95%

Around 55% for me. I yoyo almost everyday and go on the forums almost every day also. But, I do have other stuff I do like, manga, chess, music, soccer…etc.

5 out of 4

I believe you meant how much of your life is yoyoing. The way you phrased it would be like saying “I’ll have a few fries with my ketchup”

when i’m playing yo-yo, i try to make it all of my life. when i’m mowing the lawn, i try to make that all of my life. when i’m peeling potatoes or playing with my kids… etc.

i’m not too fussed about the fractions.

3/4 or 75%
I also do other things, such as eating and sleeping. ;D

Well i have a yoyo with me anywhere i go, the park or a friends house the mall vacation or when im watching t.v i always have a yoyo.

i cant really say but its alot.

right now, i just started yo-yoing about a month ago and i’m almost to advanced tricks. soo abouutt 85%

more than 90%

everyone to anyone always has something to say or wants to try, do i play with a yoyo because of this attention?

No i just so happen like to teach people tricks and what not.

i have a couple other very constructive time consuming hobbies, yoyoing is just one of the easiest.

Ah, to be so unburdened with resposibilities that time is still something to kill!

Wow! Some of you make yoyoing a big part of your life. Consider the last two posters who stated it was 85% and 90% (+). Assuming 8 hours of sleep, that would be 13.6 to 14.4(+) hours a day on the average!

um but its not literal. its not like out of any 10 hours they yoyo 9 hours