How much is my Og 888 Aqua Violet Splash?

Original 888 Aqua Violet Splash

I got this yoyo a while back and I heard it is rare. I plays really smooth and it is still mint (no scratches, dents, or any damage). I still have the original box. How much is it worth?

Do you have a pic of it? If by OG you mean it’s an 07’ that wouldn’t be correct. That is unless someone did a custom ano on an 07’.

Og 2007

888’s go for so ridiculously cheap on the B/S/T, usually the only one’s you see holding there value seem to be the Dragon 888, Higby 888’s, stuff like that. LOTR 888’s go for a stink load though, if you were going to have an 888, you would want the LOTR edition.

Given that the only thing it has going for it is, It’s an 0’7, i would say around $90.

I could be wrong though, i don’t really recognize that colorway on an 0’7, it might be a super rare and collectible one like the LOTR. who knows, :slight_smile:

It’s not an 07’. May be a “classic”, can’t remember if that was a colorway. I’d say it’s worth $60-$75.

I own this exact same version, RandomYoyoerguy, and it is indeed the “Classic” version as Vegabomb said. YYF I think did this in 2009 or 2010 to the same specs as the OG 2007 888.

It’s not an OG 07 unfortunately, but it won’t go for as cheap as alot of 888’s do on the BST. Maybe around $60 is fair.

Chances are that is a yyf 888 classic, which if I recall correctly was made about 2009 when many people said they preferred their 07 888s to both the 08 and 09 revisions.

I can’t find any pictures but here is a Yoyoskills post about the release of the 888 classic.

i remember yyf ben or someone else on yyf saying that this colorway was limited to only 20 and his favorite 888 of all time it was on that other forum (noitan oyoy) so i say around 135-140

Dude. It’s the classic 888, not the OG 07. I have the EXACT same one, and it wouldn’t come in that box if it was an OG.

No, no, no and no.

Seeing how you are the fella who’s “free bump for my boy” I just removed from the BST thread selling this I’d say you aren’t the most objective.

Wait… what just happened lol.

I’m an old fan of 888’s. They made a “splash” back then?

Do people not read the thread dangit? This particular 888 is a “Classic” Version. It is NOT the OG 07 888. They made this in 2009 to the specs of the old one.

The original 07 888 has a hole in the post for the stacks which you can see when looking at the yoyo from the side. This one doesn’t, so it would be the “classic” released at a later date.

best part is he even calls it a classic 888 in one of his previous posts

Lol…your right…I think this guy is just trying to raise the value of his yoyo.

I do find that a little funny.

Also suspicious.