Blast from the past!

Hello everybody! I have a huge collection of yo-yos since I had a little offline yoyoshop in Russia in 2010-2013. Here are some photos. I would like to sell everything in auction format, so suggest your prices. I can provide additional photos or videos.

A lot of yoyofactory metals, all new

orange yuukstas are with d-size bearings

and some composites, will ship only with metals


Welcome back. Nice collection!


What would you like to get for the Blue 888?

Just FYI it looks like an 888x (so not an OG Aqua) with the shiny inner rim and newer packaging; it’s not an ‘07 because there’s no white laser etching around the hub stacks.


Thanks for the info. I dont have any history with 888. I recently picked up the 444 at the Scales Open and the hubstacks have me very interested. I want to own a piece of the 888 history.


888x’s tend to go for around $50, maybe a little more for this one since it’s aqua, but nothing crazy. ‘07 and ‘08 are where the nostalgia $$$ bombs tend to be, lots consider them their favorite versions. Not sure what the consensus is on ‘09s, I haven’t seen a lot of them. ‘11 is another highly enjoyed version because it returns to the ‘07 form with some improvements like a slight response bump. The Titanium 888 is also really loved because it plays like a mix of the best of the ‘07, ‘08, and ‘11 iirc.


army green 808 with splashes seems interesting to me. it is on the right hand from the 888x on photo

One more yoyofactory super rare metal, absolutely new, but without a box.

Mutant DNA, ladies and gentlemen

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I think auctions are against the rules. If you want to do that you probably should use an auction website.

Edit: I thought it was anyway, Maybe thats just FB now.


Yep, that’s a 2011 888 (888.11), you can tell because of the closed hubstack axle and the splash. I believe it’s the Hawaiian edition:


Sorry, I was out of town for this weekend. Replied to everybody in DMs.

Have found a demonic supernova ))) Is it light or not, who knows? Another supernova light I have is 62 grams.


Any OG Genesis?

no, sorry (

The weights of Supernova can vary from about 66.5 gr. up to a maximum of 68 gr. (Jason Lee edition, for example) but the vast majority of the models produced are around 67 - 67.5 gr. … the circumstance derives from minor factors of production and from the type of aluminum used (6061 or 7075)
The Supernova you have that weighs 62.5 gr. is a derivative model, always retailed … the Supernova lite.

The black is 66,6
The blue is 62,3


Do you still have the 808 ? Green with splashes I am interested in that specific throw? Please send more pictures of that specific throw. Thank you.

808.11 Hawaii is already sold. I have blue 888x for sale, take a look! Thanks

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What does OG mean? “Original”? Pre-restock versions?

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