How much interest would be shown if I were to sell Vulto Strings?

Just courious, since they are not distributed in the US anymore. Since I am from Brazil, My relatives can contact Vulto fairly easily. My dad, one of his friends, and I would be shipping them out, so its not all in the hands of a 12 year old. My dad I and I haven’t worked out all the details about prices and things like that. Also, I’ve been talking to the guys at Vulto and they said they would most likely be okay with this.

If enough interest is shown, I will start selling them.

But they’re basically like Mondo Strings right? ???

depends if there low priced. and good string. (like, 7$ for a pack of 100 would be cheap)

You can only buy white cotton for that. I would love for you to sell some, I would buy some.

Actually, they are quite different. Mondos are a little bit rougher, and slightly thicker. When playing, they feel really different.

As for the prices, I’m not going to make it so cheap that I am loosing money, but I’m not going for huge profits either. I’ll try to keep the prices as fair as possible.