Should I sell strings?

So that’s the question. I was thinking of getting into string selling, $3 for 5. The only spools I have right now are Neon Green, Neon Orange, Red, and Black.

They are stiff, and kinda hard on the fingers at first, and pretty good for whips and slacks. I’ll compare them to highlights. Stiffer than highlights, skinnier, around 3/4 thickness. They have very little bounce, and create a solid string feel. Like it’s wire almost. Very bright, colorful strings, and they last me around 1 month.

That’s what they look like. So vote, if you have things I should change… comments, please tell me about it below.

A dollar? :o

I like the color-ways you are offering, the description reminds me of Alchemy string, though I hate breaking in Alchemy’s they are DEFINITELY my fave string once broken in. And if these are any comparison, I would buy some, just not at that price. A 5 pack for $3, sure, 10 pack for $5, sure, but 1 for $1, I wouldn’t pay that. Who knows maybe I will someday buy some from you, at a better price.

Ah… how much should I sell them for?

As I suggested earlier, I think a fair price would be 5 strings for $3 and like 10 strings for $5.