How much does an average bearing, axle & a pair of flow groove pads weigh?

I’m designing a yoyo & I just want to know how much weight would be added on if I put in a size c bearing + an m4x10mm axle made of stainless steel & a pair of flow groove pads.

If you’re serious about making a yo-yo you shouldn’t rely on others to give you accurate weights/measurements.

10ball is 2.2 grams
flow groove pads are .45 grams/set
axle is .6 grams

I could be wrong, but may want to check with Shawn and David before designing (making) a yoyo that uses their Flow Groove pads, most likely there would be some licensing involved, and more importantly you wouldn’t want to step on peoples toes :slight_smile:

Post above yours is Shawn (The Machinist)!


Yeah, I know. He was just commenting about the weights though.

Get your own scale. I got mine for $10 something, 200 grams max with two decimals. It’s been reliable on me.