Weighted Bearings ??


I have several YoYo’s that would greatly benefit from an extra gram or two of weight.
There are also several more YoYo’s that I would buy if they were to weigh in just a bit heavier.

Would it not be a great idea to develop a bearing that is weighted in its design. That would be a very well balanced way of adding an additional gram or two to a YoYo. I realize that this additional weight would be centered around the axel, but that would be fine with me for the small amount that would be added.

Thoughts ??


would it be like a thicker wall to the outer race to create the weight? how would you be able to create the weight?


Rim weights like on the did e yo’s work well, and I believe this is what of side effects do. I just don’t think bearing weight would help, because the difference may be hard to feel.


Can’t you just use side effects?
But I do understand that not all yoyos come with them… It can work but u will have to try it out, like maybe you might mess something up.


No, you would have to add size to the bearing as well, and then we need a whole new bearing seat in the yoyo that uses this, and then you dont have a standard bearing for a while till everyone chooses which they prefer and this will require change and people dont like change go to home depot and buy weight rings if you want your yoyos super heavy though or just buy yoyos in your prefered weight range


Not true. Just simply switching the marts from whatever they are to another kind of aluminum such as 7075, or even titanium, would add weight without changing anything size wise


Oooh, a whole half a gram! Wow!
I can’t see this working.


well a half gram is something better. I would buy the bearing if it added weight. and if it was titanium or something with a higher density than stainless steel it would work



Titanium has a lower density…


Than have a lighter bearing! ;D

(UmeNagisa) #12

I have an idea!

make it thicker inside, and use smaller balls, like in an A bearing :slight_smile:


Whoa there, slow down Tiger, lets try not to be rude :wink:


Well, it just seemed… Unthought out.
If you put some more thought in it you would realize that a weighted axle would be better. But that has already been done, I think.


Apparently my post earlier didnt go through. If you made the inner ring part a bit thicker, the balls smaller, and everything from stainless to tungsten, you could double the weight.

EDIT:Actually, I just looked up how much osmium costs, and its cheaper than I expected. 13$ per gram, so im guessing it would cost 50-75$ at least, but would be very unique and cool. Also this is the most dense metal for those who dont know, so it cant get much heavier. Only issue is that I tihnk osmiumm is toxic


put it in a classic and now its worth how it plays with toxic string.


There’s a reason bearings are made out of what they’re made out of. You can’t change the materials around and expect it to work the same.



Stainless Steel is chosen for the best engineering reason of all: high performance (strength, corrosion resistance) at low cost. There’s no magical formula saying a bearing needs to be made of steel to work though. Stainless/ceramic hybrid bearings don’t work the same… they work “better” (empirically speaking, mind you).

You can already get ceramic bearings (either with steel races, or all-ceramic). There’s no reason a bearing made of other hard metals couldn’t work and perform as well or better.

Wouldn’t want one that performs worse, though. :wink:


They work the same, but age differently. It might not make a difference in something as light and slow spinning as a yoyo, though.


I cant believe no ones said anything about this. Side effects only work with select One Drop yoyos. You can tell which ones by looking to see if they have a different color hub than the body.