Weight of Response Pads, Axle, and Bearing

Does anyone know how much 19mm response pads, 8mm stainless steel axles, and YYF Center Trac Type X - Size C - 10 Ball Bearings weigh? I am trying to design a yoyo, and I need to know how much these weigh. I can pretty accurately find the weight of the yoyo halves, but I need help finding the weight of these. I think the 8mm axles are 0.5 grams, but I don’t know how much the other stuff weigh.


I weighed them recently for another topic… assuming steel which is most common, and no exotic ceramics or titanium :wink:

  • Bearings are ~2.0g
  • Axle is ~0.6g to ~0.7g but depends a lot on the length of axle

Don’t know on silicone stickers but it can’t be much since silicone isn’t anywhere as dense as the steel in bearings and axles! I’d say 0.2g as a guess?


Just got my gram scale in!

  • Center track 8-ball: 1.92
  • Center track 8-ball Deshielded: 1.81g
  • Generic Concave 10-ball, Deshielded: 2.15g
  • 8mm SS axle: 0.48g
  • Buddah pads (pair): 0.38g
  • Snow tires (pair): 0.89g

A 10mm axle would be just about 0.6g. Most of the weight is in the bearing, and it varies a lot. I don’t have any CTX 10-balls to measure but they’re probably not as heavy as the generic concave bearings I have. In most cases you can estimate 3.0g for the bearing, axle, and pads as a whole.

I’m working on a design too, so it might be interesting to slap a thread together to share CAD techniques and renders. I’m using Fusion360.


You should start a design thread. I really would like to exchange knowlage in that field


I 100% agree. I looked for one but there was none :disappointed:


I don’t have any money, so I can’t really use Fusion 360, Solidworks, or AutoCAD. I have to use FreeCAD. It is really annoying, but I can kind of make it work. I have always wondered, in all designs I work up, they all end up being under 60 grams. I’m not sure if my designing skills are just trash, or if my CAD software volume calculator is just off. And my yoyos are normally larger than normal, at about 48mm wide.

Fusion360 has a free startup license you can use - there’s a button in the UI that you can hit after the 30 day trial expires. It’s valid as long as you make < $$$$$$$ per year with stuff you design in it.

I have a lot more thoughts but I gotta get my kids to bed!

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I wouldn’t be making money though.

You’re good to go, then! Try it out, it’s pretty amazing for designing yoyos. Not that I’ve had any prototyped yet…

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Does it have a thing that will tell you the weight of the yo-yo?

Yeah, I pretty much always start with a 2d sketch of the quarter cross-section, then when it’s time to check the weight I revolve it around the X axis, apply the right physical material (6061 or 7075 aluminum) then check the properties, and it shows the weight and a bunch of other neat info.

You still need to add in the ~3g for the extra parts though.

Sweet. That’s what I needed to know

I got the Free Trial of Fusion 360. It’s so good for making Yoyos!

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I just made a new thread to share CAD/Prototyping experiences: Yoyo CAD & Prototyping Adventures