How much do you throw?

How many hours would you say you throw a week on average? Just curious to see what the results would be. For me,I would say I throw 15-20 hours a week… Thats a lot, anybody do more?

When I started I was probably throwing for 20+ hours a week. These days, I’m down to about 10-15 a week, depending on how busy I am.


I didnt really grow “addicted” to yoyoing until about a month in… Thats when i started doing it a heck of a lot. I bet I’ll be throwing up to 30 hours a week over the summer :slight_smile:

I’ve been throwing for at least 3 hours per day since I started years ago. These days I probably throw for about 4 hours per day, so around 28 hours each week is spent yoyoing.

I practiced like 6 hours a day the summer I started so like 40 hrs a week. (7 day). Now It’s random spare time so probably like an hour or two so maybe up to 10-25.

When it was cold I saw myself throwing 45 hours a week. It sucks though lately I’ve been sick so I’ve thrown maybe 45 minutes the past 3 days

I probably throw about 15-20 hours a week. I spend some time playing Kendama as well, probably almost 10 hours a week.

5-10 hours a week. Adult life leaves little time for playing… >:(

I don’t know how you guys have all this free time to throw. I try to throw when I’m doing other things (i.e. watching TV, but even that I don’t do that much), but I only get in about five to ten hours a week.

2 to 4 hours a day.

I feel like I yoyo a lot, but when I worked it through, it’s probably about 8-12 hours a week.

About 12 hours a week.

Probably somewhere around here. Don’t yoyo in long spurts unless I’m learning tricks. Most of the time my brother’s and I all get up on commercial breaks and start throwing a little bit.

i would say i average 7hours a week.

i remember back when i first started, i did 30+ a week learning new tricks each week. now, i havent even learned a new trick in months.
Sad… i really wish i had the passion as when i first started.

Not enough.

I’m mostly limited to 10-15 minutes in the morning. Once I get this task done, my time opens up a bit.

One, maybe two hours a week. Sometimes three.