How many yoyos do you have?

I’m almost at 100.

60 unresponsive, then the rest of the wood/axle/ oldies.

This is too addicting…

I used to have around 60 or so. I’ve sold some since though, so probably around 40? Mostly unresponsive metals, about 10 or so plastics, a few for offstring, then the rest wooden fixed axles or loopers.

35 total
25 unresponsive. I think.

just over 50, more than half metal

More than one, fewer than Jasonwongzero!
In other words:
More than I need but not as many as I’d like. :wink:



Three! Fireball, Saber Raider, Brain.




2 Protostars
Glacier Express

YYJ legacy 2
yomega maverick now with a counter weight
yomega dash
Duncan ballistic
Duncan speed beetle
2 looping pairs of proyos
YYF stack less grind machine
a lost Duncan butterfly
A C3 yoyo design Di base
a YYJ inspire signed by AJ kirk
A YYF shaqulerstar
and finally my favorite throw right now
my general yo torrent 2

7 Throws
Zen 4
Purple Mountain Majesty
3YO3 Capella
Recessed Large Bearing FHZ
And 8th coming either tomorrow or Tuesday (28 Stories Cliff)

Ilyy fury
Wet whistle
Myy N12

I don’t want to exaggerate, so I will just say several hundred.

Which quite honestly is pretty ridiculous when I think about it. I still like em all, but kinda overkill since I don’t display them. They are mostly in file cabinets in my Shop.

I think a few dozen at most is closer to an ideal number to own.

But then again I know a few people with 10000 yoyos and a few people with over 5000.

I guess if you are happy with what you have, then that is the right number.

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2 weeks ago I sold off 1/3 and was left with 12, after this week my case will be full at 18 again.

About the same. :wink:

a fair amount

too many!!! HAHA All kidding aside I have 23 metals 5 woods and one plastic… For me though that is too many (the metals) I like a lean collection but I have gone a bit crazy as of late. I plan to thin my collection out a bit in the weeks to come…

How many does Jason Wong have?

I know he has handfuls of OG Peaks.

I have 3…my wide mouth, looper and a brain if my friends ever want to try throwing…

He has 36 Peaks. He posted it in another thread.

I own a case that holds 36 which I tend to fill and trade/sell a couple (non sentimental, less favored) throws. Then I keep myself open for opportunities (model 10).