How many yoyos are in your collection?


How many do you have in your collection and which ones are your favorites? ;D

(SR) #2


…good ones at least. Hoping to add some more over Christmas.

Favorites? That’s easy.

  1. General Yo KLR
  2. CLYW Avalanche
  3. General Yo Essence
  4. General Yo 5 Star
  5. YYF Avant Garde (1)

I love my plastics, like my protostars, triggers, etc.

I would love to add a Chief, Genesis, and Supernova over Christmas.

(G2 Jake) #3

Around 50


(2Sick Joey) #4

about 60


Not much, like maybe 16 metals? A bunch of high quality plastics though, and even more low quality. So like 60 all together?


Have 4 my avorites

  1. DMII special ed.
  2. Metal drifter
  3. bumblebee
  4. Legacy 1


I just started so I have 6 My favorites are Zen 4 & Superwide



fg Avalanche, grade a Canvas, c3 Yeah3, and GoBig.

Canvas is my favorite


52 throws in the collection. My favourites are the Clash 2012, Anglam, Eternity and Protostar.



About 40
Toxic hazmat, recrev freq wave, GZR code2, c3 yeah3, and code1


uuuuuummmm… 3 :frowning:

yyf DV888

yyj Fiesta xx

Yomerica Spindustries Hand Candy
(local brand)




Just posted an update on the collection over the weekend, but I think around 300.

(M.DeV1) #14

Brb making my computer background


How many? Some.

Favorite? All of them.


Warning: Out of Date. New Gnarwal and Puffin missing, as well as the latest One Drop and YYJ’s, and will be rendered out of date yet again with another big order being placed, soon as well as hopefully a CLYW Cliff.

  1. All time favorites seem to be forever changing but are relatively well represented over to the left.

Right this moment, I’m all about the Puffin and YYF Whip.


Around 15

My Favorites


now 5
my favorite:
yyf superwide
magic n9
yyf counter attack
c3 diabase(went up to yoyo heaven)

what i wish to have:

yyf protostar
yyf popstar
c3 dibase(the thread was striped but i want a new one)
hspin envy
c3 token


Like 12