How many m10 amans were made?


The blue and red splash on the clear base. And how many were bgrades?


The website says 3 a grades and a bunch of b-grades. They are pretty sweet!


So 2 bgrades?


No, like 3 A-grades and i think around 12ish b-grades.

I saw Ernie when he was selling them, he had around that many when i saw him.


There was something like 20 of those model 10s. Only like 5 were A-grades and the rest were B-grades.


I’m sorry I was looking at KLR. Five m10s and 2 b-grades. Sorry bout that. Despite what everyone says, that’s what the website says.


I’m tritons to figure this out…


Yep, 5 regular, and very few b-grades. I would assume that would mean less than 5.


Meh, i got one, my friend got one, and there were a few left, so i guess 5-8ish would be about right.

(major_seventh) #10

I got one from TTTyo. Thanks again man!


Ive got one :slight_smile:


TTTYo has everything!