How long to know if you like a throw?

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Lately, I’ve seen a few comments in other topics regarding how long it takes one to like or dislike a yoyo. How long does it take you? Do you know on the first throw or do you need a day or a week or longer?

I’ve found the more I mature as a yoyoer, the longer it takes me to decide most times. Most recently, the Surge has grown on me. Initially, I disliked it, or thought I did. I took the time to install shims and a better bearing and a few sessions later it’s my take along.


Generally a few hours to a few days. I always have my initial thoughts on the yoyo after the first few throws but I don’t truly know if I like it or not for another few hours to a few days


Well, for me one day I’ll like a yoyo, while the next day I won’t. So it usually takes me a while to figure out whether I truly like a yoyo or if I just like it in that moment of time.


It takes me a couple weeks. There’s the initial, “Hey, this is great/terrible!” but then I will pick up my other throws and then come back to it with a more constructed opinion on it.


Couple weeks, I know by how much I pick it up after initial new-ness


I got a cliff and a bvm2 on the same day. I liked them both but I liked the cliff a lot more at first but now I’m playing with the bvm2 way more.


Couple weeks I think.


Usually within an hour or two of throwing a new yoyo I can tell if I like it. That’s enough time for me to see if a yoyo has that feel I like.

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First throw

(Owen) #10

I like to judge a book by it’c cover.


As for me I go through “Yoyo phases” when I get a new Yoyo so usually it takes about a week to see if I like it or not. My phase is basically this in a short brief thing

First 5 minutes: I love the Yoyo like crazy since I’m giddy cause it’s a new Yoyo.

1-2 hours: I dislike the Yoyo because it “feels weird” or is “tooo easy to use”

Later in the day: I play with my old yoyo that i was using earlier (before the new yoyo) because it gives me a “challenge” and is supposedly “competition for comparison” so I don’t like it for a while (the new Yoyo)

Next day: I give the Yoyo another try to see if I really “like it”

The rest of the week: I play with it only to get used to it then I decide.

Note: I buy 1 Yoyo at a time most of the time because otherwise that’s what I can afford at that time. (I don’t have a job I’m 14 it’s hard to get money.)


I’ve been wrong about too many yoyos to trust my first impression. First impressions are all about instant gratification. That has never worked for me with music (favourite albums are always the ones that grow on me; artists who live off singles never stick with me) or books (a good book should challenge; I dig SOME instant gratification sci-fi stuff, but it doesn’t resonate for a lifetime); it’s turning out that yoyos are the same way.


If the colorway looks cool, then I like it.

Jk, probably like a week, maybe a little bit more, since I yoyo an extreme amount per day XD

(SR) #14

Less than a minute.

My tastes change over time though. I used to be in love with undersized yoyos, now I can’t get enough of full sized yoyos. Remember though, that’s over a few years time.

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Your choice of words is perfect, Greg. You describe my feelings on books, music (I’m an album guy, too), and Yoyos. Have you been reading my diary?


I’mma vurray sneakay.

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Great. Now I have to find a new hiding place.


There are only a few yoyos I have not liked and for the most part I knew why, and right away. Some yoyos have grown on me to become favorites, but I have yet to grow into liking a yoyo. If the yoyo has hybrid response, forget it I hate it. If the yoyo is a Lyn Fury or sounds like it, or makes me think of the Lyn Fury, I hate it. Right away.