How long should my string length be?

I need to know. Ex: length on body. I don’t know the difference in play style yet, so ya

The historic standard is to have the slip knot such that if you have your finger at your belly button, the yoyo is just above the floor. That’s probably a good start. Experiment w/longer and shorter from that point and see what works for you.


I play a little longer, with my finger about an inch and a half above my belly button, but it took a while to figure out where I was comfortable. I tried all lengths before I hit my personal favorite.

im 5’11" i drop the yoyo on the ground and tie the string about 1 inch above my belly button … booom my heaven lol

What I do is let the untied string barely touch the floor and cut it level with my belly button. Then I tie the slip knot and the length always works perfectly for me. Experiment with what works for you!

I like my string up to my chest but it’s all about preference.

Solar plexus for me.

Chest is my preference. I wish YYSL made longer strings…

I always keep my string about 50" long. I exclusively use YoYoStringLab string, so I just tie my knot at the very end of the string and use it as is.

@Yonut: I’d send an e-mail to Matt and ask him about making a batch of extra-long string. He’s a fantastic guy and I’m sure he’d love to at least hear that you’re looking for longer string.

CHEST! Your strings must be crazy long then lol

I like the yye contest string length and I’m '5"2

not that long for me I’m very short for my grade that and I like having room to work on 1a.

I keep mine YYE string length and I’m small. Also your belly button is how long you want it to be unless you don’t care about length like me :p.

From the floor to your bellybutton is usually good enough, at least until you start wanting to do large slack related tricks, then you might want to experiment with longer length.

I like the slipknot about an inch above my belly button. But you should try out different lengths until you find your favourite. Longer string is usually better than short, especially for complex string tricks and suicides.