how long should i show off my Eiffel tower? and how 2 get out?


Okay, so I found/made up two tricks that end in a Eiffel tower, and I was wondering how I get out of one, and how long I should “show it off”.what I’ve been doing is throwing the top around, and that puts me in a trapeze sometimes, I once got in a Gt O0, haha.


Hop off and whip the string to do a double laceration and bind ;D


Oh thanks, then I will come up with a 20 minute combo and finish with a ladder escape and a and whut :wink:



Yes, but instead of landing the second laceration, do a slap bind. Seriously, that would be amazing.


Easy stuff :wink:


Double slap binds are pretty inconsistent, but that would be cool. But would be better is a double Andrew Maider-style kick bind or a double behind the back slap bind.