Eiffel Tower help please

hey guys I am new here. I been trying to figure out how to do the Eiffel tower trick on here for a while and just can’t seem to get it right.

any tips on how to tackle a new trick? As in what to look for and how to start in a good way? I just watched the video. You think if I read the text it would help to.

Sorry if that is not enough info. Not exactly sure what else I should of said.

Any help would gladly be appreciated :).

Whats the problem? Like, how does it turn out?

Make sure you twist the loop at first, I had problems wth this about a year ago and that was MY problem so maybe it’s yours :-\

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Thanks. That twisting in the beginning makes the shape but now I have problems finishing off. As in completing the shape using the index and middle finger and it seems like the base of the eiffel tower just keeps getting lower and lower and the tip is getting higher and higher. Then the whole thing collaspes :(.

you can do it i learned it a different way than andre boulay said to do my friend taught me

When your grab the string try to grab more, it’ll make the tower bigger. If it still gets smaller try not to pull down with your throwhand too much.