Eifel Tower

Having trouble with last move in Eifel Tower. Cant get 3D Effect and yo-yo hand ends up facing the wrong way.


im not too sure how to help you on this one cause i kind of skipped over this trick. as with this and the “jamacian flag” trick, they’re not really a practice in yoyo skill(especially if you have an unresponsive yoyo because they sleep for ages) but rather a practice in twisting string. my advice is focus more on getting solid trapezes, split bottom mounts, and break aways. if you’re looking for show value a braintwister is usually pretty good for the crowd and not too terribly difficult to learn when you’re still learning the basics.

if you hand is the wrong way then just turn it the right way

Maybe a different perspective on the trick would help:

>Eiffel Tower<

I agree that trapezes, split bottoms, breakaways, etc. are very important, but I think Eiffel Tower is a quite important trick too and you are doing well to learn it. Although it’s a beginner trick, it does tend to pop up a lot later when you move into even more advanced tricks that use it in new and interesting ways. Mounted towers, tower lacerations, slack towers, tower combos; they’re all based on the Eiffel Tower, and the better you grasp it, the better you’ll be able to do all those other branches of it.