How long is WORLD ON A STRING?


Read thread title. How long is the movie?


I really want to buy that movie. I still haven’t seen it. And I want to know the same thing, how long is the movie???


57mins and 43 seconds from beginning to end

does not include Bonus Features


I really would like to see this documentary, but I sadly do not have money to purchase the DVD. If I ever find it lying around on the street, I will tell you the exact time of the bonus features :slight_smile:


25 dollars and it isn’t even an hour long? D:


Bonus Feature :

Trailer : 2 minutes and 20 seconds
Short Version : is about 40 mins and 1 second.
Bonus Footage : 10 minutes and 52 seconds

with the bonus footage it is over an hour long…

This Documentary tells a story … its not like your typical skateboard/snowboard video where they just do tricks.