world on a string


Ok, I usually don’t post and I need to more but i just had to… I found the documentary world on a string on tv, im not sure if this is usually on but I was surprised. what do you guys think about this and have you ever seen this on tv?


never seen this before. looked up a trailer it seems interesting. what channel was it on?


It was on fusion. I really have no idea what this channel is. It’s on for 11:00-12:00 tonight and 7:00-8:00 tomorrow morning.


I saw the trailer on youtube when I was looking for tutorials. I ended up purchasing it here, its a really good documentary.


Wow, never seen something like this. I may end up watching it later…


Well I recorded it and it turned out to not be the right movie :frowning: but I’m going to record one that come on on Saturday