How Long have you been yo-yoing? What got you started?

I’ve been yo-yoing for 2 weeks now. LOL

Just randomly picked one up one day and wondered what I could do with it after seeing my gf’s little brother playing with a dv888

I started around 1987 or 1988. My grandparents bought my cousin and I a Smothers Brothers YoYo Man yoyo. Soon after I got a Duncan Butterfly, don’t know what happened to that one. But the Smother’s Brothers (which I believe is a hummingbird with Smothers Brothers graphics) came with a trick book. Taught myself the basics. I’d play with it off and on, but around 1995 a friend brought a yoyo with ball bearings in it, a Tornado. He was showing me some tricks, and I got home got out my yoyos and started up again. Went out and bought a Tornado, which was my first yoyo with a ball bearing and started to learn more. I’d been yoyoing off an on since then. Found this site last year, which is when I learned about unresponsive yoyo’s.

Here is my first yoyo, the graphics are worn off, but you can see them in the right light.